Akka-demo from Netifi github seems to want older (missing) version of Proteus broker

I’ve been trying to run the akka-demo from https://github.com/netifi/akka-demo

I’ve gotten all the steps done except I cannot run the required broker as it seems either require a docker login or be missing.

docker run
-p 8001:8001
-p 8101:8101
-p 7001:7001
-e BROKER_SERVER_OPTS="’-Dnetifi.authentication.0.accessKey=9007199254740991’

I tried running the newer Broker from another getting started project like so

docker run \
-p 7001:7001 \
-p 8001:8001 \
-p 8101:8101 \
'-Dnetifi.broker.ssl.disabled=true' \
'-Dnetifi.authentication.0.accessKey=9007199254740991'  \
'-Dnetifi.authentication.0.accessToken=kTBDVtfRBO4tHOnZzSyY5ym2kfY=' \
'-Dnetifi.broker.admin.accessKey=9007199254740991' \
'-Dnetifi.broker.admin.accessToken=kTBDVtfRBO4tHOnZzSyY5ym2kfY='" \

However, running the services against this broker result in numerous errors when the demo services try to connect.

Here’s the error

2019-12-18 13:50:46,569 ERROR i.n.p.r.WeightedReconnectingRSocket [RecordsService-akka.actor.default-dispatcher-4] proteus client received unhandled exception for connection with address localhost:8001
io.rsocket.exceptions.RejectedSetupException: index: 127, length: 2 (expected: range(0, 111))
at io.rsocket.exceptions.Exceptions.from(Exceptions.java:69) ~[rsocket-core-0.11.12.jar:?]
at io.rsocket.RSocketClient.handleStreamZero(RSocketClient.java:438) ~[rsocket-core-0.11.12.jar:?]
at io.rsocket.RSocketClient.handleIncomingFrames(RSocketClient.java:426) ~[rsocket-core-0.11.12.jar:?]

I’m not understanding the lineage between the Proteus broker and the new one. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

So to follow up here. I ended up porting this demo to the latest Netifi-Java 1.6.10 and used the latest 1.6.10 Broker like so.

docker run -p 7001:7001 -p 8001:8001 -p 8101:8101 -e BROKER_SERVER_OPTS="
‘-Dnetifi.broker.admin.accessToken=kTBDVtfRBO4tHOnZzSyY5ym2kfY=’" netifi/broker:1.6.10

While everything seems to run without errors, its not actually working as I don’t see the responses coming back using the various modes of the demo. I watched Ryland perform the demo again in his Reactive Conference Demo Video here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rqQtkIeNIQ&t=2190s

I’ve put the ported code up in a fork here.

If I can get it to run, I will contribute the fixes back to netifi git. Some of the setup docs, especially ./docs/index.html were not up to date with the latest asciidoc.