Future direction of python implementation of RSocket



I am very new to RSocket but keen on helping out with implementation of RSocket-Py (https://github.com/rsocket/rsocket-py). There are many essential core features left out for future implementation, for example, the only communication mode that works out of the box is request-response and nothing else, or the only option for underlying transport is TCP.

I am not sure what’s the future plan of the original author but seeing that last activity on the repository was 2 years ago hasnt inspire any confidence.

What I would like to do is rejuvenate some life into it, but I am not sure where to begin.



We’ve been getting lots of interest in the rsocket-py lately. I need to check, but I believe the original author moved onto other things. We’ve been thinking about different ways to move the project forward. One thing we’ve been thinking about is wrapping the C++ library. Always looking for help. If you’re interested in helping send me a pm and we can work out the details.




Yes, I am definitely interest in continuing with the development of RSocket in python. I can put in at least few days a week to get it started. How can I reach you ?