GUI client to cal services (ala BloomRPC)



BloomRPC is a GUI Client to interact with gRPC services (under LGPL). It’s useful a tool during development, and perhaps beyond that too. Have you considered providing a similar tool for Proteus or forking/contributing to BloomRPC? Do you agree it would be valuable?

I expect the mode of interaction is a little different since the client would interact with the broker and not directly with the service. What would be required for that to take place?

Thanks for all the great work,


We were just talking about this the other day after we saw BloomRPC on Hackernews. Yes, we do agree that this would be a useful tool for Proteus and we are looking at ways to either fork or possibly contribute to BloomRPC. In terms of interaction with the broker it is pretty straightforward. You would basically point the client at a broker, upload your idls (or use them from our IDL repository we are planning), and then send them like normal. If extending bloomrpc we would basically need to embed a proteus client inside of it and everything would work normally,