Netifi development and testing strategies

We are using the Netifi Community Edition for our startup and we like it so far but as the team grows, I am wondering what strategies are recommended for testing and development. Here’s my line of thinking. A dev is given a task to develop a standalone service where the only comms in are through the Netifi / gRPC/ Spring Boot setup. So we negotiate on a service definition (.proto idl) and the dev goes off to work on the “server side” implementation. How does the developer go about testing the interface manually? In contrast, if we were doing the traditional “@Restcontroller” thing, they could use any number of HTTP clients like Postman, etc to check their work as they code along. I’m wondering if there is something similar for this stack that we can leverage so when it’s delivered, it’s solid before we start full integration. Perhaps this approach needs some holes poked into it? Looking forward to the feedback. Thanks!



We’ve been thinking about forking something like bloomrpc ( and adding support for rsocket-rpc. This would let devs make calls manually pretty easily I think. Is this something you’d be interested in, and possibly helping with its development (contributing, testing etc)?


Thanks Robert. I’d honestly really like to, I just don’t have the bandwidth at the moment. I’d help with testing though, the JS ecosystem is something I’m not currently remotely proficient at.