Netifi using aeron

I had a chance to play with netifi I created four type of microservices using Spring boot 2.2.0.M2 probably I will upgrade it by tomorrow to 2.2.0.M3 if it’s released :

  • MS1 using Rsocket TCP using RPC
  • MS2 using RSocket TCP using addNamedRSocket
  • MS3 using RSocket Websocket using RPC
  • MS4 using RSocket Websocket using addNamedRSocket
    On the top of that I have an API that the client connect thru it and make a call to one of this 4 microservices by using your broker ( I am using your latest version 1.6.2). I will like to test aeron to compare the performance and the load between them.
    I will share with you my code and if you like it you can add it in your github to help other people. I will like to push to an advanced example that people will find it easy to implement in spring including session management and sharing session id and attributes between the microservices to have a stateful channel. If you can provide me as first step the capability to test aeron that will be awesome.


Right now shared memory, and Aeron support are slated for the next releases of our enterprise beta. We have a beta program which we can contact you about if you’re interested.


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Yes definitely I am really interested to test it