Production readiness of RSocket



I’m wondering what is the status of RSocket with regards to production readiness. The protocol is not yet released, all libraries are versioned 0.x.

compile ‘io.rsocket:rsocket-core:0.11.15’
compile ‘io.rsocket:rsocket-transport-netty:0.11.15’
compile ‘io.rsocket:rsocket-micrometer:0.11.15’
compile ‘io.rsocket.rpc:rsocket-rpc-core:0.2.12’

I’m was playing with java version of RSocket and it fits our use case wonderfully (bidirectional communication of microservices over one connection) and the code is elegant and easy to understand. But the first question I will get when I present it to someone is … it seems that the technology is not ready.

Is there a plan to actually release the libs and protocol spec as 1.0?
Is it actually used somewhere in production?



Hello Matous,

RSocket is production ready. It has actually been in development for several years and is currently in use at Facebook, Alibabi, Pivotal, and others. We have been planning to bump the version to 1.0 for some time now, but decided to wait until we added the warm resumption feature to the java client. This work has been completed and is in the process of being tested now. Once we are happy with the results of that testing we will be bumping the version to 1.0.



To add to Greg’s comments…

Is there a plan to actually release the libs
Yes - Java RSocket will be 1.0 in the next month or two. The core features are all there for Java, JavaScript, C++, and .NET

Golang is being actively developed right now. RSocket is going to be supported supported in Spring 5.2

and protocol spec as 1.0?
Yes - there hasn’t been any major changes -we’ve been using on the release candidate so its more of a formality now. We have some more protocol extensions planned but there hasn’t been any talk about extending the core protocol. I was going to propose that we just release 1.0.x at our next monthly meeting.

We’re working on compiling an RSocket feature matrix:



Hi, thank you for your answers. Will look forward to that release.

I saw on twitter that RSocket is coming to Spring, glad that it is planned to be merged so soon-ish.