Proteus Broker: Outside docker and open source status

Hi, I’m starting to look at netifi/Proteus. I have two questions regarding the broker please.

Is it possible to run the Proteus Broker outside of Docker? I ask as we don’t use Docker at my company. I’d like to run the Java code directly.

Is the Proteus Broker open source? I couldn’t see it on github. If not any plans to ?

Thanks, Russell

Hi Russell,

All the clients are open source. We are reviewing options for an open source broker. Yes - you can run the broker without docker. There is nothing that depends on docker. We can provide you instructions how to do this.


Out of curiosity what package format would you prefer, and what’s your intended host operating system?

Windows and Linux ideally. Windows for local dev and linux for testing and prod.

Thanks, Russell

So we can publish tar/zip distributions of the broker relatively quickly, and we intend to have support for native Linux package managers soon.

Is there a particular Linux package manager you use (yum,apt,apk,snap)?

And for Windows, would wrapping and distributing our broker in Apache Commons Daemon so it can be installed and used as Windows service be useful - or is a tar/zip and bat file just fine?

For me I’d only need tar/zip in both cases.

Thanks, Russell

To get started you’d unzip them and do something like from our Java Quickstart:

export BROKER_SERVER_OPTS=" \ \ \
  -Dnetifi.authentication.0.accessKey=9007199254740991 \
  -Dnetifi.authentication.0.accessToken=kTBDVtfRBO4tHOnZzSyY5ym2kfY= \ \"

Also please note that any applications you have built on 1.5.x will need to be upgraded and recompiled to 1.6.0. We’ve tested upgrading a few applications in-house and it’s been rather seamless; however, if you should run into any issues at all please let us know - we’d love to help!

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Do you have any plan to upgrade the downloadable broker-server to the latest version ?

We missed uploading these during the release, it shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks a lot for your answer



we’re working on a new downloads page, in the meanwhile hopefully this continues to help.


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